Receive deeper awareness, realign with your Higher self, explore the unique archetypal energies available to you & enhance the healing benefits of your massage or guided meditation session through embodied ritual



Tarot readings provide a powerful reflection for those seeking deeper awareness around the present moment. Each of the ancient archetypes contained within the tarot are rich with meaning and medicinal symbolism. As part of your reading we’ll explore how the unique energies of your card-pull are currently working to support you; either upon your personal life path or within your following bodywork session. Combined with massage, somatic~tarot readings create space for a ritual of embodiment. The reading takes place just before moving into hands-on work, deepening your receptivity to the healing benefits of therapeutic touch. Tarot lessons are also available for those who wish to deepen their studies of this soul centered self inquiry.

A variety of bodywork options available

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Raised in a faith based home where her innate reverence for nature and Spirit were honored, Mandy has centered esoteric teachings, ceremonial ritual, and ancient wisdom traditions in her spiritual life since early childhood.

Likewise, Mandy has trained with master tarot teachers, Lindsay Mack of Tarot for the Wild Soul, and Jacquelyn Valdez of Saints in Training, in addition to her personal explorations. Honoring the natural rhythms of our planet, the cylces of our bodies, and the spiralic nature of healing, Mandy infuses each of her readings with authenticity, devotion, and deep study.