Holistic Health Practioner, Massage Therapist, Embodied Tarot, Somatic Astrology, Cancer-Initiate Coach & Medical Cannabis Consultant


About Mandy

Mandy was born and raised in San Diego County, where she continues to reside with her beloved husband, Michael, and their two young daughters, Dahlia & Marigold. She has been studying massage, holistic healing, herbalism, ancestral lineage, and esoteric teachings while working as a therapeutic bodyworker since 2001. Mandy receives great joy and fulfillment in assisting clients to better understand what is happening within their bodies, develop their self awareness, build trust in their personal intuition, and actively participate in their own health and well being. She has attended over 60 live births, as well as three active deaths, providing therapeutic touch as clients move through these sacred threshold moments. Her personal health challenges originally led her to the path of holistic wellness and continue to serve as inspiration for continued healing, most notably through her survivorship of stage IV metastatic breast cancer and complete recovery/remission of disease.

Experience & Education |

* Certified Massage Therapist

* Holistic Health Practitioner

* Graduated from the International Professional School of Bodywork with a degree in Holistic Science, specializing in Somatic Bodywork

* Recently received certification in Medical Cannabis for Health Care Professionals from Pacific College

* Specific certification in Prenatal Massage under master teacher and bodywork pioneer, Carole Osborne

* Specific certification in natural induction acupressure points for inducing labor and childbirth

* Attended over 60 births locally as a labor support massage therapist and birth worker

* Highly educated and expired in therapeutic touch for end of life care and the death and dying process

* Internships with the San Diego Hospice, providing trauma informed bodywork for clients transitioning out of life, as well as their caregivers



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