Custom Therapeutic Massage, Prenatal Massage, Natural Labor Induction, Somatic Bodywork



Custom Therapeutic Massage for all stages of life; including prenatal massage, natural labor induction, and massage for end-of-life care. All therapeutic massage sessions are trauma informed and catered specifically to the individual needs of the client, many of whom have been receiving from Heart to Hand for nearly two decades. Mandy approaches the body from a holistic perspective, recognizing that the distressing events we navigate both consciously and subconsciously inform/shape our lived experience in the body. Left unaddressed, chronic stress and/or trauma can contribute to inflammation, physical tension, structural imbalance, mental conflict, immune suppression, and ultimately, pain. As both a treatment and preventative measure, Mandy uses therapeutic bodywork to cultivate personal safety and provide palpable relief for clients. Somatic bodywork can facilitate stress reduction, tension release, trauma remediation, and healthful integration, all while positively impacting systemic inflammation.

A variety of bodywork options available

Modalities |

• Trauma Informed Touch

• Integrative Emotional Release

• Deep Tissue & Neuromuscular Therapy

• Prenatal Massage

• Lymphatic Drainage

• CBD Massage

• Craniosacral Therapy

• Structural Integration


“Mandy was such an amazing support person during the birth of my son. I saw her for a couple of prenatal massages before the birth and she was able to help me through a lot of anxiety. During the birth itself she kept me calm and relaxed enough to avoid needing IV magnesium for high blood pressure. She helped keep my labor progressing by using acupressure. I'm 100% convinced that it was her assistance which helped me achieve a VBAC. It was a beautiful experience!”

Suzanne Schaffner Owner/Operator of Esco Gelato

“Mandy has a true gift for therapeutic bodywork. Over the years, she has helped me get through two debilitating injuries. She's thoughtful and thorough, and even gave me some excellent advice on posture and exercise to help me to avoid re- injury. She has an almost ``otherworldly,`` intuitive touch, finding soreness and issues I didn't even know were there. I would absolutely recommend her.”

Marc Allen Musician & Graphic Designer

“It is clear that Mandy is comfortable and experienced in the practice of holding space for others, attuning with healing power, and acting as guide to assist and support us on our healing journeys. I've had sessions with Mandy virtually as a remote video session, in person for tarot, and in person for bodywork. If you ever have the opportunity to receive bodywork from Mandy, accept it, and revel in the wholeness of your body/mind/spirit.”

Magan Malan Somatic Bodyworker