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Heart to Hand

Meet Mandy |

Mandy McGaugh of Heart to Hand is a somatic bodyworker, Holistic Health Practitioner, and community educator with over 20 years experience working in the healing : helping field. Through soul centered service, Mandy has facilitated guidance and touch therapy for thousands of people navigating their own personal healing journeys.


Somatic Bodywork

Therapeutic touch, specifically catered to your individual needs. Approaching the body from a holistic, trauma-informed perspective with over twenty years of professional experience. As both a treatment and preventative measure, somatic bodywork can relieve pain and discomfort while addressing subconscious holding patterns in the body. This state often results in a felt sense of integration; returning the body to a deeply relaxed state of homeostasis and expansive self-awareness.

Embodied Tarot

Tarot readings provide a powerful reflection for those seeking deeper awareness around present day experiences. Each of the ancient archetypes contained within the tarot are rich with meaning and medicinal symbolism. As part of your reading we’ll explore how the unique energies of your card pull are currently working to support you; both on your personal life path or in your following bodywork session. Combined with massage, somatic~tarot readings create space for an embodied ritual which takes place just before moving into hands on work, deepening your receptivity to the healing benefits of therapeutic touch. Just as in our somatic bodywork practice, tarot readings are soul centered, trauma informed, and inclusive to all. Readings are shared as an authentic interpretation, grounded in a lifetime of deep esoteric study and intuitive exploration. Each reading is offered in grace as a tool for your personal growth, highest good, and ever evolving embodiment.

Guidance & Support

Guidance opportunities include somatic therapy catered to your specific needs through body-based instruction, breathwork, and guided visualization. Additional subjects for exploration include nervous system regulation, hands-on demonstration of therapeutic touch techniques for all stages of life, holistic birthing & parenting, patient advocacy, medicinal cannabis consultation, and compassionate cancer support.

Somatic therapy
• Body-based instruction
• Breathwork
• Guided visualization
• Nervous-system regulation

Somatic therapy
• Body-based instruction
• Breathwork
• Guided visualization
• Nervous-system regulation

Hands-on demonstration of therapeutic touch
• Massage techniques for all stages of life
• Including pain remediation, pregnancy & birth, pediatric massage, and end-of-life care

Creative Ritual
• Somatic Artmaking
• Moon Ceremony coordination & facilitation
• Ritualizing rites-of-passage

Patient Advocacy

Medicinal Cannabis Consultation
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Compassionate Cancer Support


Join Mandy through a series of explorations into the innate wisdom of your body.


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